Working with a Custom Change Package

Author: Andy Dorfman

Prepare External Objects

Create DMS file

  • d:\temp\update_psstatus.dms
      set log update_psstatus.log;
      update PSSTATUS set LASTCHANGEDTTM = %CurrentDateTimeIn;

Application Designer portion

Create Custom File Code (PSTYPECODEDEFN)

  • Application Designer > Tools > Miscellaneous Definitions > File Type Codes
    FILEREFPATH:        '%ps_cust_home%\scripts'
    DESCRLONG:          'LBC PS_CUST_HOME\scripts folder'

Create Custom Script File Reference

  • Application Designer > New > File Reference
    File Name and Path: "Click on ... to select a file `D:\temp\update_psstatus.dms`"
    Binary:             'No'
    Database Platform:  'All'
    PeopleSoft Server:  'File Server'
    Operating System:   'All'
  • Application Designer > File > Save As
    Save Name As:   'UPDATE_PSSTATUS_DMS'
    File Type Code: 'CUSTOM_SCRIPTS'
  • Click OK to save
  • Replace D:\temp\update_psstatus.dms with %FILEREFPATH%\update_psstatus.dms
  • Click OK to save again
  • Click F7 to import File Reference Definition into the project

  • Application Designer > File > Save Project
    Save Project Name As: 'LBC_IT0001'
  • Click OK to save

  • Application Designer > Tools > Project Properties
    Description:    'Testing CUSTOM_SCRIPTS File References'
    Comments:       'Testing description'
    Change Project: 'Check'
    Update ID:      'LBC_IT0001'
  • Click OK
  • Application Designer > File > Save All
  • Application Designer > Upgrade Tab
  • Doube-Click on File References, Check Execute Flag
  • Application Designer > File > Save All

Create Change Package

  • Application Designer > Tools > Create Change Package
  • Click OK
    Export Directory:       'd:\temp\LBC_IT0001'
    File Reference Path:    'D:\temp'
    Update ID:              'LBC_IT0001'
    Generate New Template:  'Check'
  • Application Designer > Tools > Finalize Change Package
    Export Directory: 'd:\temp\lbc_it0001\updlbc_it0001'
  • Click OK

Apply Change Package

  • Place d:\temp\LBC_IT0001\updLBC_IT0001\ in CA’s download directory
  • Change Assistant > Tools > Apply Change Package > Apply Automatically Without Compare > Next > Apply without using Change Impact Analyzer > Next > Select product line release > Next > Select target environment > Next > Select Host > Next > Provide Credentials > Next > Select download directory > Next > Select UPDLBC_IT0001 > Next > Next > Validate Now (make sure psemagent is running) > Begin Apply

  • Examine the log file for Deploy Files > File Type Code: CUSTOM_SCRIPTS > UPDATE_PSSTATUS_DMS

It looks like it’s finding only 1 file server under PS_HOME and deploying the file udpate_psstatus.dms only to that 1 location, most likely due to me selecting only ‘File Server’ during File Reference creation. Nothing got transferred to PS_CUST_HOME

  • Examine the view Script for Execute File References > Execute DMS > UPDATE_PSSTATUS_DMS

It is executing update_psstatus.dms script from the staging directory