Searching in My Oracle Support

Some tips when searching in My Oracle Support to help you find relevant documents.

Platform Codes

Use the platform codes to narrow down your search. For example, E-RD will search for Report Distribution documents related to PeopleSoft Enterprise.

Here is a list some common codes to use when searching

  • E-PIA: PIA related issue
  • E-ES: Elasticsearch
  • E-PTSF: PeopleSoft Search Framework (ES, SES and the PeopleSoft side)
  • E-SSL: SSL and PeopleSoft

If you look at the beginning of a document title, you can pick up on common platform codes and use those in the future to help narrow your search.

Helpful MOS Bookmarks

MOS allows you to bookmark a document by clicking the faint yellow star on the top left of any page next to the title. Once you have added it to your bookmark list, you can organize your list into folders by selecting the yellow star in the top right next to the search bar and selecting Manage Favorites…

Adventures in MOS

  • TODO: Include list of Adventures in MOS docs mentioned on the podcast


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