If you want a utility to help you monitor your Elasticsearch nodes and clusters, ElasticHQ is a plugin that can give you a nice GUI.


There are two ways you can install ElasticHQ. If your Elasticsearch server has access to the Internet, you can install the plugin from the command line:

cd $ES_HOME\bin
.\plugin install royrusso/elasticsearch-HQ/v2.0.2

You need to use version 2.0.2 with the Elasticsearch 2.3.2 that ships with PeopleTools 8.55 and 8.56. The latest version of ElasticHQ is built for Elasticsearch 5.x

To manually install ElasticHQ:

  1. Download version 2.0.2 from here
  2. Copy the .zip (or .tar) file to your Elasticsearch server.
  3. Extract the .zip file to $ES_HOME\plugins\hq
  4. Restart Elasticsearch
  5. Log into ElasticHQ at http://localhost:9200/_plugin/hq with the esadmin account

Using ElasticHQ

ElasticHQ is meant to give you a read-only view of the system. If you want to make changes, I’d recomment you use Elasticsearch’s REST API.

To view a node, enter the URL into the box at the top and click ‘Connect’. If your node is part of a cluster, ElasticHQ will show the cluster’s nodes. You can view the size of indexes, the stats of each node, and the cluster stats as well.

ElasticHQ Screenshot