Windows Services

Start/Stop Services

The built-in cmdlets are great for starting and stopping a group of services. If you have Powershell Remoting enabled, you can use the -computername parameter to pass in a server or list of servers to execute the command remotely.


get-service -name psft* -computername <server or server,list> | start-service


get-service -name psft* -computername <server or server,list> | stop-service

Delete Services

Since there is no delete-service cmdlet, use this command to delete services by name. For each service that contains “psft”, loop through the services and delete them.

 Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Service | Where-Object { $ -like 'Psft*' } | % { $_.delete() }

You can also drop into a Command Prompt and use sc to delete a service.

cmd /c sc delete PsftAppServerDomainAPPDOMService